A Saudi doctor warns of the deadly mobile phone in the Kingdom


Emergency medicine consultant in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Shehri, warned of the danger of complacency in using mobile phones while driving.

Al-Shehri confirmed during a television program that 162,000 accidents in the Kingdom, 78% of them, are due to mobile phone use.

Al-Shehri said: “Some believe that sending a message while driving does not affect, but the fact is that the concentration of the brain decreases by 37%, which increases the rate of accidents four times the normal rate.”

He added, “The percentage of disability increases every year in the Kingdom, due to car accidents,” noting that the majority of accidents are not due to excessive speed only.

He pointed out that the last car accident he saw hours ago was for young people of the age of flowers, expecting the death of one of them and the injury of another with a disability, saying: “May God give patience to their families.”

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