A Saudi journalist resolves the controversy and reveals the party that ordered “Tariq Saleh” to withdraw his forces from Hodeidah


The Saudi journalist and political analyst, Khaled Al Hamil Al-Subaie, revealed the party that ordered Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, the leader of the National Resistance and the Republic’s Guards, to withdraw from Hodeidah Governorate (western Yemen).

Al-Subaie said; He is the head of the Supreme Council of the Arab Media Union, that the forces of the Arab coalition to support legitimacy, led by Saudi Arabia, are launching, in the meantime, military air strikes focused on the Houthi militia to support the forces of the West Coast.

Noting that the air strikes carried out by the coalition to support the forces of the West Coast, come after “Tariq Saleh” withdrew his forces from Hodeidah by order of the UAE.

He explained that the UAE ordered Brigadier General Tariq to withdraw his forces in order to allow the Houthis to control the places from which the joint forces withdrew on the West Coast front.

The Saudi journalist concluded by saying: “It is clear that the UAE is working with the Iranian Houthi against the Yemeni people, north and south.”

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