A Saudi journalist reveals the steps of the coalition after repositioning in Hodeidah and sending military forces to Marib


The Saudi journalist, Badr Al-Qahtani, revealed the next steps of the Saudi-led coalition forces to fight the decisive battle against the Houthi coup militia.

He said that after the coalition announced the repositioning in Hodeidah governorate in line with the battle variables, the “Umm Al-Shuhada” battalion reached the battlefield in Ma’rib Governorate.

Al-Qahtani confirmed that trained brigades of the Yemeni army will soon join to support the existing forces to defend Marib.

He pointed out that the forces that will join Marib will be equipped with the “necessary” and “required” weapons to fight the decisive battle against the Houthi coup militia on various fighting fronts in Yemen.

The Saudi journalist also stressed that the Houthi coup militia has no solution but the Saudi initiative, indicating that the Saudi-led coalition is arranging to fight the decisive battle to force the coup militia to end the war in Yemen.


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