A Saudi legal clarifies the truth about the prison sentence and a fine for anyone who deletes a member from a WhatsApp group


A Saudi lawyer and legal advisor commented on what was raised on social media that the supervisor of the WhatsApp group is subject to legal accountability in the event that he removes a member from the group, which amounts to imprisonment and a fine.

Dr. Ibrahim Zamzami confirmed, through the “Youth Hour” program on the Gulf Rotana channel, that the opinions raised regarding the criminalization of the act of removing a WhatsApp group member by the group supervisor are not true.

He explained that such opinions are right, as they have confused criminal and civil responsibility, because the act of removing the member from the WhatsApp group has nothing to do with the public right, and there are undoubtedly different cases related to the public right, but they are not embodied in removing the member from the group.

Zamzami added: “The matter is different if the act is accompanied by defamation of the member who was removed, and here the adaptation of the facts may differ, but we do not call criminalization for its release, and the rule is that the principle in matters is permissibility unless the act is prohibited by text.”

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