A Saudi letter to the Security Council regarding the Houthis


Yesterday, Saturday, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia called on the international community to hold the Houthi militias accountable for the ongoing attacks against the kingdom.

This came during a letter sent by the Saudi representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah Al-Mouallimi, yesterday evening to the UN Security Council, in which he demanded that the Houthi militias be held accountable in accordance with international law, against the background of the ongoing attacks against civilians and civilian objects in the Kingdom.
Al-Mouallimi stressed, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will spare no effort to take all necessary measures to protect its lands, and preserve the safety of its citizens and residents, in accordance with its obligations under international laws,” according to what was reported by the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA.”
Al-Mouallimi said: “Concerning my letter dated October 8, 2021, I am writing about the continuation of terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia against civilians and civilian objects in the Kingdom.”
He added: “On October 8, 2021, a hostile shell fell on King Abdullah Airport in Jazan, as a result of an attempt to target the airport with a booby-trapped drone.”

Al-Mouallimi stressed that “this hostile attempt resulted in the injury of ten civilian passengers and airport employees of different nationalities (six Saudis, three Bangladeshis and one Sudanese), in addition to material damage to the airport.” He reiterated that the deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure and threats to civilians Innocent people can amount to a war crime, so the Houthi militia must be held accountable in accordance with international law.”
The Saudi ambassador pointed out his badge in previous messages, “It is clear that the continued absence of adequate and strict measures by the international community, especially the Security Council, has sent the wrong message to the Houthis to continue their terrorist acts in the region.”
In its letter to the Security Council, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stressed that it is of paramount importance that the Security Council assume its responsibility towards the Houthi militias, their arms suppliers and the resources that finance their terrorist acts, in order to stop their threats to international peace and security before it is too late, calling for this letter to be circulated as an official document of the Council. international security.

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