A Saudi newspaper reveals moves to expel Yemeni leaders from Turkey, and sets the next destination for “Tawakkol Karman”


A Saudi newspaper revealed the Turkish authorities’ movements regarding the Yemenis residing on its lands.

Okaz newspaper quoted reliable Yemeni sources as saying, “A number of Yemeni Brotherhood leaders in Turkey left for European countries, after receiving warnings from the Turkish authorities that they should limit their activities and correct their situation.”

The Saudi newspaper confirmed that the Yemeni Nobel Prize-winning activist “Tawakkol Karman has started arranging for her to go to the United States.”

The newspaper continued, quoting unnamed sources: “A while ago, Brotherhood leaders received a warning that any work or activity they wanted to do must obtain prior permission from the Turkish authorities, and they were informed of the need to limit their activities and stop their attacks against others.”

The source added: “The Turks have clearly informed the Brotherhood, that we have foreign interests and they should not be affected by your positions on the leaders of your countries, according to Okaz.

The newspaper pointed out that “Ankara stressed the need for those who do not have residency to correct their status as soon as possible, pointing out that some Brotherhood elements received this message as a warning of deportation or expulsion, and began to arrange their conditions outside Turkey, especially in European countries and America, and in the forefront These elements are Tawakkol Karman,” which the Okaz newspaper described as “paid,” as it put it.

The newspaper continued: that Brotherhood members and leaders are in a state of panic against the backdrop of Turkish measures, stressing that a group of activists, writers and some leaders from the second row left Turkey for European countries, while the rest are still searching for refuge and planning to escape, including the leaders who were You have obtained permanent residence. The sources did not rule out their expulsion in the coming days, especially since everyone understood that these warnings were a prelude to expulsion.

The newspaper quoted media outlets as saying that Turkey is in the process of expelling a number of leaders of the terrorist Brotherhood (according to the newspaper) from the Yemenis residing on its lands, and revealed that the Turkish government informed the Yemenis belonging to the Brotherhood on its soil that they are not welcome, and gave them 30 days to settle their situation.

So far, official Yemeni sources have not revealed the truth about Turkey’s request to leave Yemenis residing on its territory.

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