A Saudi prince attacks “failed allies” because of their volatile policies and threatens them with loss


A Saudi prince has attacked some of the kingdom’s Arab allies for its volatile policies in search of a temporary victory that will lead them to failure.

Prince Sattam bin Khaled sparked widespread controversy, with a furious tweet on Twitter, in which he said: “When Saudi Arabia ally with sister countries, it does not seek its own interests, but rather the interests of the entire region.” He added: “We are, thank God, the strongest militarily and security forces.” and politically.”

He added, “The negligence of some or the policy of fluctuations among them may bring them a temporary victory, but they are the losers in the long run, and the days will prove their political short-sightedness (and) their failure.”

The Saudi prince did not explain the true meaning of his words, but followers linked his words to the war in Yemen, as comments about Yemen overshadowed the various responses to his tweet.

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