A Saudi prince launches a fiery attack on Al-Hadath TV, and responds to Al-Maliki’s statements regarding the execution of Saddam Hussein


A Saudi prince attacked Al-Hadath TV, after it hosted the former Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, who justified during the meeting the execution of former President Saddam Hussein, on the day of Eid al-Adha.

Al-Maliki said that the Iraqi constitution does not prohibit the execution of death sentences on the day of Eid, noting that: “What called us to this is that the period of ratification of the ruling is the month of this month. .

Al-Maliki explained that the end of the intended month was the day of the execution, which coincided with the day of Eid al-Adha, adding: “If he was not executed, it would be a violation of the Iraqi government.”

Al-Maliki continued to justify the execution of Saddam Hussein, noting that “the execution is the right of the people, martyrs and personalities, and the right of Iraq, whose dignity was violated because of the policy of this man and the party to which he belongs.”

In turn, Prince Sattam bin Khalid responded to Al-Maliki’s statements, attacking Al-Hadath channel, which opened the way for him to justify his agendas and positions, saying: “To host a sectarian person who hates you on one of your channels in order to expose him to people and reveal his truth is already a strong media success, but that You give him space to justify his positions or pass his agendas, as he is a massive media failure, and there are factors that determine success or failure, and they are your goal of meeting, good and integrated preparation, and the strong broadcaster who will interview him.”

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