A Saudi prince urges his country’s authorities to develop a nuclear bomb in anticipation of a possible confrontation with “Iran”


Former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki Al-Faisal stressed the need for his country to develop a nuclear bomb for self-defense.

Al-Faisal added in an interview with the US MSNBC channel: “I said publicly in the past that we must do everything necessary, including developing a nuclear bomb, in order to defend ourselves against the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran.”

He continued, “I do not work in the government so that I can say what the government will do about this file, but this is my personal opinion.”

He called for “the necessity of holding Iran accountable for its actions in the region, stressing the imperative to do everything possible to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon.”

Al-Faisal said in previous statements: “The Arab region with all its institutions is weak and fragile, which allowed the existence of a strategic vacuum that threatens the unity of countries and their social fabric,” calling for “strengthening joint Arab action to fix this.”

He added: “The internal conditions in our Arab countries are weak, and we must carry out reforms that respond to the aspirations of Arab countries away from the tendencies of extremism and terrorism, because it is a strategic danger that threatens Arab countries and must be confronted in order to enjoy stability.”

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