A Saudi source talks about the parties that do not want to eliminate the Houthis


A Saudi source revealed, on Wednesday, the parties that do not want to eliminate the Iranian project and its agenda in Yemen, which is implemented by the Houthi coup militia.

The Saudi journalist and writer, Saleh Al-Fuhaid, said that there are many parties that support the Houthi coup militia other than Iran.

He stressed in a tweet monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, that the Houthi militia has not been able to fight for more than six years, and uses huge and varied quantities of weapons if there were no forces supporting it with money, weapons, experts, training, and so on.

Al-Fuhaid concluded by saying; “Many parties, other than Iran, support Al-Houthi and see their interest in not toppling Al-Houthi until he continues to drain Saudi Arabia.”

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