A Saudi woman discovers that the domestic worker is “pregnant” in the first weeks, so she informed the authorities..and that was the end


A Saudi woman was surprised to discover the pregnancy of her domestic worker, in the first weeks since her arrival to the Kingdom, to take a decision to reduce work for her.

And the Saudi citizen in Al-Dalam governorate decided to reduce the housework for her worker, after discovering that she was pregnant.

Hessa Al-Bassam explained that the worker, who holds Ugandan citizenship, was presented months ago, and during the examinations after her arrival in the Kingdom, it turned out that she was pregnant in the first weeks, so the citizenship contacted the Labor Office, to inform the competent authorities about her, so they confirmed that she is under trial and the employer has the right to deport her or replace her. .

She added that she decided to deal with her by opening a file for her in a hospital and following up on her health until the pregnancy was stabilized, and she agreed with her to allow her to travel before giving birth and to return after taking leave.

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