A “Saudi” woman provokes widespread controversy after welcoming the Minister of Human Resources, “Bazghrouda” (video)


A video spread on social media, of a woman welcoming the Saudi Minister of Human Resources as he entered the main ministry building, which sparked a state of controversy in the Saudi street and among activists; According to the newspaper, “Okaz”.

The newspaper said, “The circulating clip about a woman welcoming the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development while entering the main ministry building was an individual effort by one of the employees, as he invited the woman without prior coordination with the competent authority in the ministry, and the necessary action is being taken against the person responsible for this individual behavior.”

The woman appears in the video reciting a poem welcoming Minister Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi, in which she says: “Oh, welcome to the arrival. “. A number of people gathered around the minister, who stood listening to the lady’s poem, which she recited out loud, in one of the corridors, and then ululated.

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