A senior commander in the National Army confirms that the end of the Houthi militia is inevitable


A senior military leader in the National Army revealed that the Houthi militia’s project is a racist, sectarian project, which carries with it the factors of its death and inevitable end.

The Commander of the Seventh Military Region, Major General Ahmed Hassan Gibran, said in an interview with the Army newspaper “September 26”, “All the coup projects are clear, and they destroy the people’s gains, destroy their revolution and establish a government whose goals and principles are clear, which is to restore the Imamate with all its disadvantages, and the goals have become clear.” And the goals of this Iranian-backed terrorist militia.”

He called on Yemenis to stand with the national army, because it is the key to victory and its mission is to restore and preserve the state, stressing the duty to preserve the goals and principles of the revolution and the struggle for the consolidation of the republic, stressing that the Houthi project is to demise.

He added that the battles are at their fiercest, and the heroes of the national army and the popular resistance are writing the most wonderful heroic epics against the terrorist Houthi militia and giving them the toughest lessons in the fields of confrontation.

He explained that the allegations of the terrorist Houthi militia in achieving victories that they are a refuge in an effort to preserve the morale of its members and to bring in new numbers, are deceived by them in the name of victories, pointing out that they are in fact fake victories that mislead their herds.

And he explained the militia’s strategy by putting groups of its members into the battles, not caring about their mass death, by the army’s fire and coalition strikes, as human numbers, which are sacrificed for the sake of the goals of their masters in the Iranian mullahs’ state.

The commander of the Seventh Region expressed his regret over the presence of a segment of the obedient to it, and they are the ones who lead them to the incinerators of destruction, and they are the ones who pay the price in the losing Houthi battles.

Major General Gibran sent a message to the Yemeni people, to preserve their children, from standing by the terrorist Houthi militia, stressing that it is a militia that does not care about throwing them into the crematoria of death, without mercy, and whoever escapes from the confrontation is liquidated in the back lines.

He stated that those who push their sons to fight alongside the Houthi must preserve their souls from certain death at the hands of the terrorist Houthi militia, as it kills them from behind if they retreat from the confrontation, stressing that most of the dead in the militia’s ranks are eliminated for fleeing the battles.

Major General Gibran praised the sons of the Yemeni tribes, who had an effective role, in confronting the malicious Houthi project, and offered the precious and the cheap for the existence of the state and its symbolism and for the gains of the revolution and the republic.

He pointed out that this great national role recorded by the tribesmen is evidence of their love for their homeland and their courage, and that the tribe has national roles at all turns and stages, past, present and future, and the tribe is an integral part of the body of this authentic Arab people.

He also stressed that the national alignment against the militia is what constitutes a strong wall of defense on all fronts, calling on society to stand united in the face of the Houthi militia.

He pointed out that the Ma’rib governorate has set the most wonderful examples, with its tribes and sons, and with those who joined them from the Yemeni governorates. The eternal revolution of September 26.

The commander of the Seventh Military Region said, “The high morale that the fighters carry and the heroes live in the fields of pride and honor and a sincere and firm belief in their national cause gives you great hope for victory, God willing, and for restoring the state and its institutions from the hands of the Houthi coup.”

He pointed out that with the firm belief of the national heroes and their heroic sacrifices, the militia’s ideas and sectarianism will be buried in the soil of this free nation.

He pointed out that the militia’s actions indicate the approaching end of it, as the ongoing and repeated liquidations among the leaders of the terrorist Houthi militia are evidence of that.

The series of qualifiers explained that because of the defeats the militia receives on the battlefields, and that the losses it incurs in front of the National Army and the Resistance, reflect themselves on them and their leaders, and these qualifiers will increase as they suffer greater losses and retreat from the areas from which they were defeated.

Major General Jubran said, “The terrorist Houthi militia has nothing of its own, especially in conducting the battle, as it implements the orders and directives of the Iranian governor in Sana’a, who manages the work as a ruler by Iran and the militia is a tool in his hand, through which he implements his country’s goals, And its conspiracy and subversive plans against the Arab region and the region.”

He added, that there is documented audio and video monitoring of foreign leaders who visited the fronts, rather the front lines of the militia and directed the implementation of the battle, and there are experts who were killed, with the recognition of their leaders and their countries in many places in the confrontations.

He stressed that “there are experts on the side of military industrialization present in Sana’a and Saada, and military experts in the advanced operations room of the Houthi terrorist militia.”

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