A serious crisis in Sana’a and several governorates affects the majority of Yemenis with a “new epidemic”


Today, Monday, medical and economic sources warned of the continuation of a serious crisis in the capital, Sanaa, and several governorates, which fell under the control of the Houthi rebels, infecting the majority of Yemenis with a “new epidemic.”

The sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that the exacerbation of the cash shortage crisis and the lack of change is threatening to infect two-thirds of Yemenis with diabetes, as a result of eating chocolate, which is traded instead of the categories of “50 riyals” and “100 riyals.”

The sources pointed out that university students, citizens and employees are the most vulnerable to contracting the disease, in addition to the daily problems they face with bus and taxi drivers due to the lack of change.

During the current year, the small denominations of the Yemeni currency have noticeably disappeared from the market, and small merchants from food stores, owners of internal transport vehicles, buffets and restaurants are now exchanging “fakka” with small pieces of local chocolate or chewing gum.

This comes more than two years after the Houthi militia’s decision to ban and criminalize the circulation of the new currency edition of the national currency.

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