A sharp popular attack on the “Red Cross” in Yemen after “supporting the Houthis,” and the latter issued an urgent statement


Yemeni activists launched a broad and spontaneous campaign, on social media, to protest what they called “the biases of international organizations to the Houthis.”
This campaign came after the International Red Cross announced the provision of more than 26 tons of humanitarian aid, including medicines, medical supplies, surgical supplies and veterinary medicines, on a private plane to the capital, Sanaa, which is under the control of the Houthi militia.
The activists said that the international organization showed complete partiality to the Houthi militia, and it would have been better to provide this aid to the Abdiya district, which has been besieged by the militia for more than three weeks.
This campaign prompted the Red Cross in Yemen to issue a clarification statement saying, “The shipment is authorized to reach Sana’a airport from all sides inside and outside the country, and it is not intended for a specific area, but it will support our humanitarian operations in different areas around Yemen.”
The statement added, “We hope that we will be able to provide humanitarian aid in the near future to all affected areas in Marib, but security guarantees must be available so that we can provide assistance.”
The international organization pointed out that it provides support to “the main hospitals in Marib, and we distribute food, shelter and cash, and we support farmers and the displaced.”

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