A sheikh from Marib reveals what is happening on the southern front and sends a message to the Houthis about their fighters: We have eliminated them


A tribal sheikh from Marib governorate sent a brief message to the Houthi militia, coinciding with the intensification of battles on a number of the governorate’s fronts.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Hathal, one of the leaders of the Marib Governorate, and a member of the National Dialogue Conference, confirmed the intensification of battles on the fronts of Dhanna and Juba.

Bin Hathal addressed the Houthi militia in a brief message addressed to “the Houthis without greetings.” He said: If the militias have fighters, they should send them to the Dhanna and Juba fronts, south of Marib.

He added, addressing the Houthis: “Because the first batch we eliminated,” as he put it.

And field sources confirmed earlier today, Wednesday, that dozens of Houthi militants had been killed in large-scale attacks on the Dhanna front in the Serwah district, west of Marib, confirming the defeat of all attacks and the defeat of the militias.

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