A short circuit causes the death of a young man from Yarim city, Ibb governorate


A short circuit caused the death of a young man from Yarim, Ibb Governorate, central Yemen.

Local sources told the “Yemeni Scene” that the young man, Murad Musaad Al-Jaradi, died yesterday evening of an electrical fault in Yarim city, Ibb governorate.

The sources added that the body of the young man was transferred to the Al-Fath Mosque in Yarim after the Maghrib prayer yesterday evening, then his body was buried in a nearby cemetery.

The owners of electric generators in Ibb governorate raised electricity prices from 220 riyals per kilo to 320 riyals after the Houthi militia obligated them to cancel the monthly subscription, while the Houthi militia is still imposing a monthly subscription to government electricity, which reveals the Houthis’ deception and looting of citizens and merchants.

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