A sociological reading (on the handover of Al-Hudaydah to Al-Houthi)


The truth is that the Tuhami resistance and some brigades of the giants who returned to support their Tuhami comrades are now fighting the battle against the Houthi militia on the outskirts of Tuhayta and al-Hima.

As for the so-called guards, they are sleeping in Mocha and Al-Wazi’ah, waiting for the judgment to whistle to start liberating or handing over Taiz.

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Of course, the main problem is not in the guards receiving orders to withdraw, but rather in the fact that their elite think of the political spoils before restoring the state and geography. Therefore, they jumped on military action to political competition, and announced the Political Bureau and its formations, as if they were saying we have nothing to do with the battle. We politicians want reconciliation and partnership.

It is the withdrawal from the military battle to the political battle, and this is the main reason that made them think of obeying international orders, and trying to get close to the envoys and ambassadors of America and Britain, even at the expense of the military battle. It is important that they enter the political division.

In fact, he who wants to liberate Yemen from the Houthis, the dynasty, and Iran must forget the political spoils and think only about heroism, sacrifice and struggle.

As for the one who presents himself from the battlefield as a politician and a party, he must leave the battlefield and turn to politics through its official frameworks, because his stay on the battlefield will be just a political tactic.

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