A statement by Sheikh Mansour Al-Hanaq talking about the fact of “betrayal of the political leadership” and a “criminal act” in his name


Today, Tuesday, Sheikh Mansour Al-Hanaq, the head of the Supreme Council for Popular Resistance in Sanaa Governorate, warned of “criminal” Houthi activities to spread poison and discrimination on social media sites in his name.
Al-Hanq denied the existence of any pages or accounts on social media, stressing that the militia’s perpetration of such lies reflects its bankruptcy in the war.
Statement text:
Praise be to God, Nasser of the manifest truth, and prayers and peace be upon the Imam of the Mujahideen, Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and after:

With the intensification of the battle, the Houthi militia is working to shuffle the cards through slander, lying, fraud, falsification of facts, and spreading rumors and rumors through social networking sites.
The Houthi militia has opened a fake account in my name and has sent messages containing the content of division and dismemberment of the national rank and the dislocation of the ranks of the popular resistance and the national army and accusing the political leadership of treason.
Here, and in this statement, I confirm that I do not have any page or account on social networking sites, whether on Twitter or Facebook, and I call on all activists to publish this denial so that these malicious pages do not continue to spread their poison and slander.
This criminal act carried out by the kitchens of the Houthi militia expresses their bankruptcy in the war and their resort to spreading lies and rumours.

Here, we affirm that we are on the path of restoring the republic and defeating the Houthi-Imam dynastic coup at any cost. We call on all national forces to unite ranks and overcome all differences to move forward with the resistance project until victory is achieved, and they say when it is less, perhaps it will be soon.

Your brother Sheikh:
Mansour bin Ali Yahya Al-Hanq

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