A statement by the facilitator regarding the latest developments in Shabwa


The former Yemeni Minister of Interior and Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Southern General People’s Congress, Ahmed Al-Maysari, said that the UAE “spared no effort to target Shabwa Governorate, sow discord among its people and fight the state’s presence in it.”

Al-Maisari affirmed, in a statement, his firm position in supporting state institutions and the leadership of the local authority in Shabwa Governorate in the face of the continuous and unfortunate conspiracy of the Emirates.

And he categorically denied issuing any statement targeting the local authority in the governorate and inconsistent with his established national positions on crucial issues, including, of course, the position on the blatant Emirati interventions in Shabwa and the intrigues and games it is running there that will not succeed and will fail like others in front of the determination and sincerity of the national leadership in the governorate and the heroes of the armed and security forces The community leaders and elites, and behind them the awareness and cohesion of the people of Shabwa in general.

He added: “The alleged statement in the name of the Preparatory Committee for the Southern General People’s Congress, and everything contained in it does not represent the conference, either from near or far, but rather represents the whims of the unknown who wrote it for the benefit of the UAE, its agendas and ambitions.”

Al-Maisari explained that the vision is no longer blurry about the reality of the battle today, and that the leadership and rules of the Southern General People’s Congress, along with all political and social forces, are waging a fateful national battle in which we will win, and will remain a witness to those who line up with their homeland, and who choose to fall for themselves to be with those who target This country is striving with malice to undermine it, and history is ruthless.”


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