A strong slap reversed their arrogance and quelled their arrogance.” A new and major setback in the battle of “The Long Breath” in Marib


The Houthi coup militia has suffered, in the past hours, a new and major setback, in the battle it calls “The Long Breath”, in the Ma’rib Governorate (east of Yemen).

Zaid Ali Al-Shaleef, a journalist and field activist present on the battlefield in Marib, said, “Only today did Al-Houthi know that we are leaving the government forces out of Al-Juba center in order to ensure the homes and lives of civilians.”

He added: “As soon as Al-Houthi attacked the army’s positions, his forces got lost between a prisoner, a wounded person, a dead person, and groups of them were besieged in a reef until writing this news.”

Al-Shaleef concluded by saying: “A strong slap that reversed the arrogance of the Houthi coup militia and extinguished their arrogance and heroic scenes written by the heroes of the national army and the popular resistance.”

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