A sudden change in the position of Yemeni government officials on “Tariq Saleh”


A number of officials of the recognized Yemeni government expressed a surprising position on the part of Brigadier General Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, commander of the National Resistance Forces and a member of the Joint Forces Command on the West Coast.

The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Yemen to UNESCO, Dr. Muhammad Jumaih, said in a tweet on his account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, which was followed by “The Yemeni Scene”, that “it counts for Tariq Saleh that he did not leave the field and go to one of the capitals to settle there, and it is credited to him that he is a prudent discourse, He did not offend any national component, and that his speech was directed against Al-Houthi only.

He added: “The owners of the “middle of the stick” should not forget that Tariq’s son – and not only his property – is in the hands of the Houthis, but he grabbed his weapon, not the middle of his stick.”

For his part, Dr. Saleh Sami, the governor of Al-Mahwit Governorate, said, “As long as this zealous Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh is fighting al-Houthi in the field, and we have not heard a word about him being offensive to any of the men of the revolution and the republic, and everyone who fights Iran and its local tool, he deserves salutations and appreciation.”

For his part, the former consul of the Yemeni embassy in Washington, Nayef Tuaman, affirmed that “Tareq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh’s speech today (yesterday) is the speech of a responsible, sober and sane statesman who is aware of what he says.

He added: “Unless we rise above minorities to unite the ranks, we all serve the Houthis without exception!!”

This comes a day after Brigadier General Tariq Saleh called “for everyone who can carry weapons today” to carry it to fight the “priestly gang.”

He stressed that Al-Houthi poses a threat not only to Yemen, but also to the countries of the region and the region, while mocking the allegations of “the paid group that pays lip service to sovereignty when it was originally established, trained and financed by Iran.”

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