A sudden setback for the Houthis in Hodeidah, and the defense turns into an attack and the liberation of a number of areas… and the identification of the forces leading the battles


The Tuhami Resistance Forces were able to expel the Houthi militia from a number of villages and areas south of Hodeidah Governorate, after the sudden withdrawal of the joint forces.

Field sources said that forces from the Tuhami National Forces, backed by battalions of the Giants Brigades, managed last night to liberate the villages of Al-Ghuwaireq, Al-Faza, Al-Jabaliya and Al-Mateena, which are administratively affiliated with the Al-Tuhayta District, in the south of the governorate.

The sources confirmed that the forces decided to refuse to hand over to the Houthi militias, and began the defense from the first hours of the withdrawal of the joint forces, to begin, at a later time, the attack, and to recover what they lost as a result of the sudden withdrawal.

The sources indicated that the Tuhami resistance forces switched from defense to attack and began qualitative military operations against the Houthi militias, and were able to expel them in a short period of time.

Observers believe that the sudden withdrawal of the joint forces opened a new front for the militias, which was not currently within their calculations, in light of their preoccupation with strengthening the Marib fronts, which have been witnessing violent and continuous battles for 10 months, and a frightening attrition of Houthi fighters.

During the past two days, the joint forces (not affiliated with the Ministry of Defense) withdrew from their positions in the Hodeidah Governorate, suddenly, and left the way for the militias to control them, which actually happened, without prior announcement, justifying this step by implementing the Stockholm Agreement, but the legitimate government, which is concerned with the agreement , denied knowing about these arrangements, as well as the United Nations, which is the sponsor of the agreement signed nearly three years ago.

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