(A summary of the most important events in Yemen, on the ground and politically, during the past 24 hours)


The following is a summary of the most prominent events in the Yemeni arena during the last 24 hours:

In the latest developments in the case of the slain Al-Sanbani, the lawyer of the slain Abdul-Malik Al-Sanabani revealed illegal interventions by the Military Prosecution in the case of the slain Al-Sanbani and the military court’s refusal to hand over Al-Sanabani’s body to his family and relatives.

Lawyer Ahmed Faisal, the lawyer for the parents of the martyr Abdul-Malik Al-Sanabani, said in a post on Facebook that there are illegal interventions by the military prosecution in the case of the murder of #Abdul-Malik_Al-Sanbani.

Lawyer Faisal said that the Military Prosecution in the Fourth District directed the Security Department of Aden to prevent the delivery of the body of the dead man, Al-Sanabani, to the guardians of his blood.

The lawyer confirmed that the specialized criminal prosecution looking into the case had issued orders last Thursday to allow the parents of the murdered Abdul-Malik al-Sanabani to bury his body.

Politically, the United Kingdom affirmed its endeavor with Saudi Arabia to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Yemen, calling on the Houthi militia to rid the Yemeni people of their suffering.

In a statement to the Kuwait News Agency, British Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa James Cleverly indicated that his country continues to work with Saudi Arabia to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Yemen.

On Sunday, the local authority in Hajjah Governorate announced the killing and wounding of 34 people, as a result of Houthi missile strikes on a celebration on the eve of the 59th anniversary of the September 26 revolution, northwest of the province.

In another context, preliminary pictures showed the house of the governor of Marib, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, after it was targeted by two ballistic missiles, and it sustained severe damage to its main building and its annexes.
According to the pictures, one of the missiles hit the house building directly, while the other hit the side of the house, hitting an annex to the house and destroying it completely.
The targeting of al-Arada’s house came hours after the governor of Ma’rib and with him, Lieutenant-General, Chief of the General Staff, Saghir bin Aziz, lit the mother torch of the 59th anniversary of the glorious September 26 revolution, in the city of Ma’rib.

On the ground, the terrorist Houthi militia announced, on Sunday, that it was subjected to heavy air strikes within one day, in the Marib Governorate (east of the country).
Saba news agency, “the Houthi version”, said that the fighters of the Arab coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen launched 30 air raids on their positions and reinforcements in Ma’rib Governorate.
According to the militia, 24 raids targeted the districts of Harib and Al-Juba, south of the governorate, in conjunction with fierce battles in the two districts.
In Sirwah, coalition fighters launched 6 air strikes, according to the militia.

In addition, on Sunday evening, a large explosion occurred in the Al-Kasara front, west of Ma’rib Governorate (eastern Yemen), which led to the death and injury of dozens of Houthi militia fighters.

Military sources said that more than 40 Houthis were killed in the explosion of a minefield planted by the Houthi coup militia on the al-Kasara front, west of Ma’rib.

The sources said that dozens of Houthi militia fighters infiltrated a mined area in Al-Kasara, and a minefield exploded in them, killing about 40 Houthis.

On the other hand, the terrorist Houthi militia carried out a military bypass on the positions of the National Army, in the Harib front, south of Ma’rib Governorate (in the east of the country).
Military sources said that the Houthi militia carried out a military circumvention on the positions of the National Army on the Ma’la front, after its failure to confront the forces of the National Army and the popular resistance, in an attempt to achieve any significant field progress.
The sources confirmed that the circumvention process was the end of the Houthi militia, as they were all crushed in less than half an hour only.

According to the sources, 8 Houthi crews were captured and a number of militia members were captured.
The sources indicated that the Harib front is witnessing fierce battles, after a cautious calm that lasted for hours.

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