(A summary of the most important events in Yemen, on the ground and politically, during the past 24 hours)


The events on the Yemeni scene varied during the past 24 hours, and the following presents the “Yemeni scene”, most notably:

Politically, the prominent leader of the coup militia called Muhammad Ali al-Houthi indicated that the rebel authorities intend to confiscate the headquarters of political parties in the capital, Sana’a.
He said that “the customs buildings that were seized by the parties should return to service hospitals for the general Yemeni people.” he put it; In a hint that reveals the militia’s intention to confiscate the headquarters of political parties, it is likely that the headquarters of the Yemeni Socialist Party will be at its head.

On the other hand, Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik and a number of ministers arrived in the temporary capital, Aden, after visiting the governorates of Shabwa and Hadramout.
While no official sources have yet revealed the identity of the ministers who returned to Aden, accompanied by the prime minister.

Regarding the objectives of the prime minister’s visit to the liberated governorates, the official Saba news agency said that the government is working to implement the directives of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, with a priority of mobilizing forces, capabilities and efforts and harnessing them in the national battle against the racist Houthi militia and Iranian tampering in Yemen and the region until the restoration of state and end the coup.
In the same context, the official spokesman of the Southern Transitional Council, Ali Al-Kathiri, said: We welcome the return of the prime minister of the government of parity between the south and the north to the capital, Aden, according to his description.

Al Kathiri added: It has become imperative for this government to carry out its duties and assume the responsibilities for which it was formed, and at the forefront of that is addressing the economic, living and service conditions and paying salaries immediately.

On the ground, the battles of the Harib district in Marib governorate witnessed a new development during the past hours, today, Tuesday.

Meanwhile, field sources said that the National Forces and the Popular Resistance are engaged in fierce battles against the Houthi militias in the south and west of Marib Governorate.

The sources pointed out that the clashes were most intense in the Ma’la front in the Harib district, during which the forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance achieved a victory that led to the escape of the Houthi militia, and the capture of others.

The sources confirmed that the army and resistance forces thwarted the Houthi agreement process on their positions on the Ma’aa front, and seized 15 Houthi vehicles, with all their personnel and equipment.

The sources indicated that 30 prisoners were captured by the army and resistance forces, in the same process, confirming the death of others during the confrontations.

Today, Tuesday, Major General Mufreh Buhaibah, commander of the 26th Infantry Brigade, commander of the Bayhan axis of the Yemeni army, issued an urgent call after he was wounded during violent battles against the Houthi rebels in the Harib district, south of Marib Governorate.

In a video, which was watched by Al-Mashhad Al-Yamani, Buhaibah called on all the heroes to be persistent, determined and patient as victory approaches.

He stressed that the Houthis are defeated and in their weakest state, and that ten soldiers and tribesmen are steadfast and will break a hundred Houthi militants.

He wished to die as a martyr for the sake of Yemen, because he did not accept a life of slavery and humiliation, and he would not want to leave Yemen.

On the other hand, the Iranian-backed Houthi militia targeted, on Tuesday, residential communities in the town of Al-Jah, affiliated to the Bait Al-Faqih district, south of Hodeidah.
Local sources said that the militias targeted citizens’ homes with MK and RBG projectiles, causing panic among the residents.
According to the sources, the remnants of the militia pockets fired from their snipers and pica weapons at citizens’ farms and deliberately and massively targeted passersby on the roads, forcing farmers to flee their farms for fear of their lives.
The Houthi militias also targeted, earlier today, the Thabet Brothers factory complex in the city of Hodeidah with heavy mortar shells, in the context of their violations of the UN armistice.

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