(A summary of the most important events in Yemen, on the ground and politically, during the past 24 hours)


The events on the Yemeni scene varied during the last 24 hours, and the following presents you the “Yemeni scene”, most notably:

To Sana’a, the Sanhan tribe of Sana’a Governorate – to which former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and former President Abdullah al-Sallal belonged – announced the statement No. (1) in which the tribe rejects the blatant interference of the Houthi militia in the affairs of the tribe.

Tribal sources told the Yemeni scene today, Friday, that a tribal meeting was chaired by the sheikhs and notables of the Sanhan tribe in the lower village of Rahm, in which the tribe’s sheikhs demanded the Houthi militia to limit interference in the affairs of the tribe after the appointment of the Houthi militia and the imposition of sheikhs in the tribe without referring to them.

Meanwhile, the Houthi militia confiscated the homes of a number of Yemeni army officers in Sanaa, after storming it, expelling their families and looting its contents.

Local sources told the Yemeni scene, that the Houthi militia stormed and confiscated the homes of three former Yemeni army officers, in the village of Al-Qabil in the Jidar region, north of the capital, Sanaa.

The sources pointed out that the militias stormed the house of Brigadier General Ali Muhammad Al-Hayi in the village of Al-Qabil and looted all its contents after expelling the family of one of his relatives who lived there.

The sources added that the militias also looted and confiscated the homes of Colonel Khaled Ali Qana, Colonel Asim Saleh Amer Moawadeh and Colonel Yahya Ahmed Sa’tra, in the same village, which is located near Dar Al-Hajar in Wadi Dahr, north of the capital.

To Aden, where, since the early morning hours, it witnessed heavy and medium rains in its various districts, affected by the tropical cyclone that hit the Arabian Sea, the Sultanate of Oman, and the eastern coastal cities of Yemen during the past days.

Pictures circulating on social media showed the state of Aden this evening, where it has been witnessing continuous rain since the morning.

On the political front, the former Foreign Minister, Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi, warned against trying to hide and obliterate war crimes in Yemen, after the investigation committee failed to carry out its duties.

Al-Qirbi revealed, in a tweet, today, Friday, the reason for the failure of the Commission of Inquiry of the Human Rights Council, to continue its tasks, to uncover war crimes in Yemen.

Al-Qirbi said, “The failure to renew the work of the commission to investigate war crimes in Yemen by the Human Rights Council undermines confidence in the Council as a result of the politicization of its decisions and its abandonment of its mission.”

In another context, the Yemeni President, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, on Friday directed the government to provide quick and urgent support for the damage caused by the natural disaster, help the citizens and those affected, provide the necessary assistance, identify the damage caused by the torrential rains that swept a number of areas in Hadramout Governorate, and take the necessary solutions and treatments.

Athletically, on Friday evening, a decisive match between the Yemeni Olympic team and its Jordanian counterpart ended with the latter’s victory with two goals against a goal in the West Asian Football Championship, officially bidding farewell to the tournament.
The first half of the match between Yemen and Jordan ended in a positive 1-1 tie, after the Jordanian team scored the first goal in the Yemeni net from a penalty kick in the 36th minute, while the Yemeni team scored the equalizing goal in the same half at the 39th minute.

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