A suspicious and complicit Arab silence


Britain suddenly bans Hamas!
Not a single Arab country told Britain to reconsider!
A suspicious and complicit Arab silence
Therefore, it is more likely that at least one Arab country instigated Britain to its decision
You may have paid for it too! Why not?
Didn’t some of the Arabs become Israel’s broker, agent and mediator… In fact, he became a partner with it a few days ago in public military maneuvers in the Red Sea!

Britain was the main institution of the Zionist entity, Israel, more than a century ago, with the Balfour Declaration as its foreign minister
Instead of atoning for her sins against the Palestinian people and the Arab nation and expressing her remorse and apology, today she affirms her historical hatred and the mediocrity of her current government.

Great Britain was once
Today, it has become just a skeleton that sells itself and displays its positions to those who pay!

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