A telegram of condolence to the great Muhammad Qahtan


The bereaved mother dies oppressed by her son, the righteous in his mother and the righteous in his country, the symbol of the national dialogue committed to the issues of his people, the politician with long mind, and the symbol of civility, flexibility and steadfastness on national values ​​and constants. May God have mercy on her, forgive her and place her in peace. We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.

May God reward you, my dear brother, the steadfast behind bars, Muhammad Qahtan, the title of freedom, dignity and true patriotism. Your grief will pass, and your homeland will triumph soon, God willing

We send it to you while you and your brothers Al-Subaihi, Nasser, Rajab and hundreds of Yemenis are in the prisons of the tyrannical enemy. We feel your suffering, and we live your pain. Trust in the loyalty of this great people to your sacrifices. Even if you are behind bars, you are inspiring the millions of Yemenis in their fight against slavery and the racist imam. May God strengthen your steadfastness, and may God set you free, and provide you with a victory from Himself.

Your brother: Dr. Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr
Chairman of the Shura Council
November 19, 2021 AD

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