A terrifying end.. Crazy options to save the “Republic” and resolve the battle against the Houthis


Abdul Salam Muhammad, head of the Abaad Center for Studies and Research, said today, Thursday, that the follower of the military situation in Yemen can draw a terrifying conclusion for the Yemenis.
And he confirmed in a post on his Facebook page, which he was briefed by “The Yemeni Scene”, that “the options are narrowing day after day despite the fierce resistance of the Yemeni army and the popular resistance to the Houthis, Iran’s allies.”
He put forward some necessary options, which might be described as unbalanced and insane, to save the Republic; Including that America and Britain will not accept direct support for the government, so it is necessary to go to another international ally, and an additional regional one is necessary.
He pointed out that the craziest option is for the parties to announce their dissolution and the formation of an armed military entity that supports the army and the resistance and puts its hand on the capabilities of the state instead of the trembling and weak hands delusional with the promises of Washington and London of false peace.
And he continued: Unless that happens, we will witness the burial of our republic with our own hands!
This comes in conjunction with the continuation of the battles between the Yemeni army and the Houthi rebels on the Marib, Al-Hodeidah and Al-Jawf fronts, in return for stopping the rest of the fronts in favor of the Houthis’ continuous mobilizations towards Marib since last February.

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