A valuable catch from the Houthis in the hands of the joint forces..and sources reveal his identity


The joint forces (forces affiliated with the legitimate government) managed, in the past hours, to arrest a prominent leader of the Houthi coup militia in Hodeidah Governorate (western Yemen).

Military and field sources said that the director of security for the Al-Jarrahi Directorate, appointed by the Houthi coup militia, was captured by the joint forces.

The sources confirmed that, during the past four days, the joint forces had captured a large number of Houthi coup militia fighters on the West Coast front, including prominent militia leaders.

For days, violent confrontations have been taking place between the joint forces backed by the coalition and the Houthi militia in several areas south of Hodeidah and northwest of Taiz, during which the joint forces achieved great victories, the most important of which was the complete security of the Hays district.

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