A valuable hunt for coalition fighters and the killing of Houthi leaders in Hodeidah (the names)


Two Houthi leaders were killed, in a raid by Arab coalition fighters, during the battles of the past two days in Al Hudaydah Governorate, western Yemen.

Today, Sunday, Al-Hadath TV quoted a military source as saying that two Houthi leaders were killed in the Jabal Ras area, south of the governorate.

The source explained that the two leaders are Muhammad Abdullah Sharaf Abu Talib and Abdullah Al-Rahoumi, noting that they were killed along with a number of militia members in a coalition airstrike in the Hays district, southeast of Hodeidah.

The source added that the Houthi leader, Abu Talib, holds a position in the militia’s “Preventive Security”.

This coincides with a major advance by the joint forces, south of Hodeidah, which caused confusion to the Houthi militia on a number of fronts.

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