A wide mobilization of the Houthis in Ibb after the advance of the joint forces.. and strict instructions to the sheikhs of the tribes


The Houthi militia mobilized in 4 districts of Ibb governorate, coinciding with the advance of the joint forces, from the western side.

And local sources said that the Houthi militia held extensive meetings in the districts of Al-Adeen, Mudhakira, Al-Adeen branch, Hazm Al-Adeen, in Ibb governorate, and obligated the sheikhs affiliated with it to prepare fighters to strengthen its presence in the same areas and push some of them to the areas of contact with Al-Hodeidah from the west, as reported by Yemen Youth .

In addition, the Houthi militia has deployed new checkpoints and checkpoints along the general line linking the governorate and Hodeidah governorate.
The militias carried out thorough searches of travelers, especially in the areas of the Al-Aden branch, adjacent to the Jabal Ras Directorate of Al-Hodeidah Governorate, and they also returned their fighters who had fled the fighting on the fronts of the western coast.

The militias imposed forced recruitment among students and youth, amid great discontent among the citizens.

This comes in light of a new advance by the joint forces towards Ibb governorate, after taking control of Jabal Ras district in Al Hudaydah governorate.

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