A Yemeni astronomer reveals the first days of “winter” and “meteorology” warns the citizens of seven governorates


Today, Thursday, a Yemeni astronomer revealed the date of entering the winter season, in conjunction with an official warning to citizens of seven governorates.
The astronomer Muhammad Ayyash stated, in a communiqué that he was briefed by Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni, that “according to the astronomical position of Yemen and the degree of angular inclination of the sun towards the southern horizon, it will be the beginning of the winter season with Thursday 14 October, which lasts for three months, January 20 until 22 A.D.).
In the same context, the Yemeni National Center of Meteorology warned citizens of cold weather during the late hours of the night, morning, and early morning, especially in the governorates of (Dhamar, Al-Bayda, Sanaa, Amran, Saada, and parts of Al-Dhalea and Ibb).

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