A Yemeni astronomer warns all Yemenis of weather changes in Yemen starting today


Yemeni astronomer Adnan Al-Shawafi revealed developments and atmospheric variables in Yemen’s weather, starting from this evening until next Friday.

Al-Shawafi predicted the continuation of rain, with a gradual decline, starting next Monday, noting that the expected percentage of precipitation on the western and southwestern highlands is from 40-60%.

Al-Shawafi stated, during a post on his Facebook account, which was followed by “The Yemeni Scene”, that the percentage of precipitation expected on the western and southwestern coasts is from 30-50%, while the percentage of precipitation on the highlands and eastern plateaus and eastern coasts is from 20-40%.

The Yemeni astronomer called on citizens in all governorates to be careful, and to follow updates on weather forecasts and the weather.

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