A Yemeni businessman sponsors the salaries of teachers in five public schools for the year 2022


Yemeni businessman Sheikh Sarhan Muhammad Al-Jabri sponsored the salaries of teachers in five schools in the governorates of Ibb and Taiz for the year 2022 AD.

Journalist Hussein Abu Ali said in his Facebook post: One of the most common problems facing Yemenis in light of the current war as a result of the coup against state institutions is the educational process, which has deteriorated and Yemen has reached the last rank according to the global rating for the quality of education, for several reasons, including the interruption of teachers’ salaries Destruction of schools and distortion of curricula.

He continued in his article: Sheikh Sarhan Muhammad al-Jabri, one of the businessmen in Yemen, is trying, albeit in a simple way, to advance the educational process in Yemen, because he is fully aware that education is the future of nations and that the generation of children and youth is the one who will return and build the country that has been exhausted by war, so he decided to adopt Salaries for teachers of 4 schools in Ibb Governorate and An-Najah Governmental Schools in Taiz Governorate.

He added that Sheikh Sarhan Al-Jabri honored 60 of the top students in these schools with valuable sums of money in appreciation of their efforts, perseverance and diligence to reach success. He did this away from the media spotlight.
Emphasizing that Sheikh Sarhan works with dedication and sincerity in order to serve his country and his people, expressing his fairness to this man and thanking him for all his charitable works, and the journalist Hussein Abu Ali called on businessmen and traders to follow him.

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