A Yemeni citizen catches a child in school to be beaten by one of his colleagues and ends the scene with a severe slap in the face


A Yemeni citizen beat his son’s schoolmate in front of everyone after a quarrel between the two children.

Local sources in Al-Hodeidah governorate said that the child, Ayman Hassan Makbouli, quarreled with his schoolmate, so that the father of the other child, called Bassam Al-Khatib, came to school and grabbed the child Ayman and made his son beat him.

In a video clip, the father of the child, “Al-Khatib”, caught his colleague and asked his son to beat him, and he was not satisfied with that, but slapped him in front of everyone.

The incident sparked a wave of anger, as activists demanded that the father be quickly punished for this behavior.

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