A Yemeni city is witnessing a massive campaign of executions and the throwing of bodies in the streets


The Houthi militia carried out a massive campaign of executions against civilians in the city of Hodeidah, after taking control of new areas from which the joint forces withdrew.

The Director-General of International Organizations and Reports, at the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Issam Al-Shaeri, confirmed that the Houthi militias carried out a massive campaign of executions against opposition civilians in Hodeidah, and fabricated ready-made charges before their liquidation.

In an interview with Al-Hadath TV, Al-Shaeri explained that the so-called Supreme Revolutionary Committee directed its members to carry out executions against opponents and social figures.

A brigade affiliated with the Tuhami resistance confirmed that the Houthi militia executed a number of its members after they were captured by the militias last week.

Two days ago, the bodies of a number of citizens were found in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, after they had been kidnapped and assassinated.

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