A Yemeni expatriate was killed at one of the transitional points in Lahj governorate, two days after the killing of Al-Harazi (photos)


A Yemeni expatriate from Al-Bayda Governorate was killed at one of the security belt points of the Transitional Council in Lahj Governorate (southern Yemen).

The sources of the Yemeni scene said that the young man, Muhammad Abd Rabbo Al-Maljami, was killed in a mysterious way by members of one of the STC’s points in Lahj governorate.

The sources indicated that the 30-year-old is from Al-Bayda Governorate, and he is an expatriate in Al-Sa’wiyah, and he went to the Al-Hedd area, a young man, to take a dose of the Corona vaccine.

Circulating images showed that a bullet penetrated one of the sides of the young man’s car, which led to his death on the spot.

This comes two days after the killing of “Atef al-Harazi”, a member of a medical staff affiliated with Doctors Without Borders, at the point of Tur al-Baha in the Lahj governorate, about a month after the killing of the young Abdul-Malik al-Sayani, while returning from America through Aden airport, at the same point.

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