A Yemeni minister reveals the biggest servants of the Houthis to achieve victories in the Battle of Marib


A minister in the internationally recognized Yemeni government revealed the side that provided the largest service to the Houthi coup militia in the battle of Marib, and enabled the militias to achieve great victories.

Commenting on the progress of the Houthi militia on the southern fronts in Marib, the Minister of State and Mayor of the Capital, Major General Abdul Ghani Jamil, said, “Whoever serves the Houthis in everything that happens is our side differences only, and not his strength. Everyone knows that.”

He pointed out that the side disputes that afflict the components of the legitimate government are what enabled the Houthi militia to achieve victories on various fighting fronts.

Minister Jamil adds by saying: “Whoever imagines the fall of Marib must understand that everyone inside Ma’rib will fight men and women until the last breath. Its fall means extermination of those inside it, because Al-Houthi will not have mercy no matter how sweet he spends, and everyone understands that.”

During the past few days, the Houthi coup militia managed to control the districts of Al-Juba and Jabal Murad, after weeks of taking control of the districts of Harib and Al-Abdiya, south of Ma’rib governorate.

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