A Yemeni official announces an “Emirati-Iranian” agreement to implement the “American-British plan” on the West Coast


Member of the Yemeni House of Representatives, Chairman of the Tihama National Council, Sheikh Muhammad Waraq, revealed an “Emirati-Iranian” agreement to implement the US-British plan on the western coast of Hodeidah Governorate (western Yemen).

A member of the Yemeni parliament said that there is an Iranian-Emirati agreement to implement the US-British plan, which provides for bringing the coast under international control under the pretext of protecting the international shipping route.

In a post on his Facebook page, he added, the agreement brings the western coast under international control, and this will be under the pretext of confronting the Houthi escalation, an arm of Iran.

Pointing out that the international community’s allegations of confronting the Houthis would be a justification and a pretext for implementing the agreed plan, adding: “Maybe the significant withdrawal that crossed the borders of “Stockholm” on the western coast is part of this plan.”

He continued, “After the withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah, there is nothing left to implement the plan except step B, which requires Houthi escalation and a state of tension and great media coverage, followed by the US-British intervention with international peacekeepers.”

And the government official added: “In this way, the war that has been going on for seven years has borne fruit, and the strategic coast of Tihama, the important islands, the international strait, the port of Hodeidah and Aden are outside Yemeni sovereignty. Territorial brokerage as a free gift of friendship.

The member of the Yemeni parliament concluded by saying: “Do the Yemeni parties realize the extent of the disaster as a result of childish emotions and political wrangling??!!”.

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