Abdiya.. the last stops for upcoming exams


Al-Abdiyyah is a land that was filled with the blood of its children and bled with the best of its youth in all parts of Yemen in the face of the Houthis, and today it pays with all its money in order to defend itself and its generations. who could not support her,

This Directorate pays its sons and sheikhs by the minute and the second as martyrs in an important battle and difficult and decisive moments for Yemen with a family, know that no one will survive if you do not escape slavery from the claws of the priesthood, and know that saving slavery is a very great honor and glory that no one can obtain. Helping the slave and winning the honor of saving her from the plots of the plotters and returning the favor to these lands whose mountains do not stop spurting blood. And know that these events are the last stops for upcoming exams

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