Abdul-Malik: “The Battle of Marib will determine the course of the war in the country.”


Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik said that what is happening on the ground in Yemen does not bode well for signs of a breakthrough or the possibility of approaching a ceasefire, because of what the Houthis are practicing.

He added in an interview with Al-Ahram Al-Masryah: “What the Houthis are doing at the present time is expanding their war on the people and their regions, waging a parallel economic war against them, consolidating the separation of the national economy, continuing to arrest political opponents, journalists and opinion-holders, committing crimes against their rights in detention, and carrying out wholesale executions against them.” .

Abdul-Malik renewed his call to the international community to work quickly to find real and firm means of pressure, including imposing sanctions on the Houthi militia and its supporters, to stop the danger that this coup militia has become to pose to the region, international shipping lanes and global trade, noting that what is happening in Yemen recently confirmed that controlling the Bab al-Mandab Strait has become a major goal through which Iran seeks to blackmail the international community and bargain in its negotiations over the nuclear file and other files, as part of its expansion project in the region.

He noted that the pace of the Houthi war is governed by the movement’s project, its plans and the wills of its supporters in the Iranian regime, and it continues in its war and does not pay attention to any international or international calls or pressures. Notable recently, and the suffocating siege imposed on tens of thousands of civilians in the Abdiya district of Marib governorate, its continued siege of the city of Taiz and the targeting of the commercial port of Mocha, as well as its targeting of civilian objects and airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all these are clear indications of the past and insistence of this terrorist militia on the path to war. And more bloodshed.

On the battle of Marib and its role in determining the course of the war in Yemen, Abdul-Malik largely agreed that it is, and from here you can understand why the armed Houthi coup gang has sent tens of thousands of deceived people, over the past eight months, in an unsuccessful effort to undermine Marib and achieve a moral victory. Or in the field, but it wishes daily disappointments and defeats, and once again I say that all our political, economic, military and diplomatic capabilities are harnessed to defend Marib, and every inch is not liberated in the homeland, and to confront the barbaric aggression of the putschists. The majority of the Yemeni people, who are inspired by their struggle and their response to the gangs of aggressors, all of Yemen’s neighborhoods and villages, and at the same time, they mobilize all their brothers to participate in confronting this danger.

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