Abdul-Malik: Those who spare their efforts for battles other than the battle of Al-Houthi are delusional


Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdul-Malik launched a violent attack on those he described as saving their efforts for battles other than the battle of the Houthis.

Abdul-Malik said in the meeting he chaired yesterday, Tuesday in the capital, Aden: that whoever spares effort for another battle than confronting the Houthi project is more important.

Moeen added that the battle against the Houthi militia is the battle of all Yemeni parties, and all political forces must unite.

Moeen explained that uniting the ranks is the basis in the next stage, and whoever created this crisis is Al-Houthi, and he is the reason for the monetary separation.

Moeen pointed out that the economic situation in the country is very difficult, as the price of a loaf doubles every day three to four times.

Moeen said that the state stands with all the fronts fighting Al-Houthi, and all areas controlled by Al-Houthi will be restored, explaining that any side disputes and conflicts may exhaust us and intensify this effort that we are directing towards Al-Houthi.

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