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This war has contaminated all our souls, even the most gentle and pure of people, ready to rage and insult, at any behavior of others, no matter how spontaneous and natural, and the most polite of them, to face it with ridicule. Within each of us is a monster that grows and grows in the shadows, ready to pounce and prey on others.

Yesterday, Shawqi Al-Qadi, a man of sixty, posted a small scene of good behavior towards a young man he did not know. He spread his jacket for him to pray, and Sheikh Bud felt for the boy. This is a summary of the published story.

Everyone was indignant, insulting, and cynical, one hinting, another belittling, and the third taking it as an occasion to undermine the character and reveal the extent of its naivety, and its lightness of consciousness. A fourth talks about the sin of expressing religious manifestations in the public space and reminds us of the necessity of secularizing them.. Thus, an endless stream of references, analyzes and display of tense talent towards everything.

Oh my God, what makes all this clamor..nothing justifies and explains this parody party, but the energy of rage in us all, we are full of anger and violence and ready to crush the other, and to show it by the most gentle behavior, as if we are asking others to turn into ferocious monsters And sullen, unless it is naive, and what it publishes, expresses its superficiality and emptiness of any sublime, deep and transcendent interest.

He’s the most effective of them, ooh, I forgot, the man is a parliamentarian, Mohammed.. he did his duty, well, where are the other 300 parliamentarians..? Why don’t you pursue them and demand the same obligations from them, do they do their duty, do they pray, or steal or are completely unemployed, I don’t know. Well, again, as if the Facebook page is a platform for the national legislature and not a mixed window for everything that is personal and public, simple, spontaneous, innovative and ordinary, even naive, no problem. Socrates himself, Socrates was not 24 hours, someone said, sometimes Socrates, sometimes a layman.

Personally, I only pray on rare occasions, but I thank every young man who deals kindly with any religious aspect and towards everyone who is older than him, whatever the religious conviction of the young man. Intellectual and general view of life. He looks from above and sees the various activities of men squabbling, exchanging friendly, insulting, slandering their rivals, sometimes generous, wretched at other times, practicing debauchery against each other or praying to God in mosques, frustrated, full of poetry, wisdom and slander, contemplating them all, with a pure soul, and feels How surprising life is. And he has to guard it as it is.

The street is bustling with life, and a dignified man is standing on the sidewalk, cutting off minutes; to pray. He is looking for his own knife. Even if I am the most antagonistic atheist with God, I find myself tempted to lay my robe for him. This is a matter that has nothing to do with faith or unbelief, and it has nothing to do with my position on whether or not religion is present in public life. It’s just a matter of good behaviour. As usual for believers, who are of easy religiosity, overflowing with affection, it is natural for him to feel gratitude towards me. For myself, I felt that the scene, in its simplicity, was influential in my longing, so I would love for him to capture it to express his feeling at that moment. And it is indeed a scene with important symbolism, in the savage capitalist life, the life of the big cities, it is breathless, utilitarian, everyone thinks in a mathematical way, devoid of soul, poetry and faith, and any scene like this must stop me a lot.

Come on, is this a scene, ridiculous, or a scene with sublime significance? Personally, I read the post, and I felt friendly towards the Sheikh who prayed and the young man who brushed his robe for him, but I always make sure to deepen this quality inside me, and when I talk to the most angry young people towards religion and the clergy, I say to myself and to the other: God is not owned by anyone, prayer is a matter Ok, let people pray..and there is no backwardness or genius in the matter, he only prays, that gives him warmth and you have to contemplate it calmly.

In another critical situation, you can flog the clergy and all the dull superstitions, but it is good to guard yourself from turning into a mass of indignation and cynicism towards everything related to faith. This is something that does not destroy religion, is not critical and has nothing to do with modernity, but rather turns us into a crowd of excited and resentful human beings before our resentment and ridicule from others. Every emotion we express towards others becomes part of our psychological formation.

An inventor is exploring a new machine, a worker operates a factory machine, a doctor lectures in the adjoining hall, a gay rights advocate, an old man prays in the street, and a young man walks with his girlfriend. It all comes together in city life, in perfect harmony and serenity. We have to establish this in the public awareness, so that neither of them should be upset with the other or touch him. This is not a new idea, you all know it, but what I wanted to say, this is what woke up my mind after reading the man’s post, that is life as I see it, a state of Delightful variety, or that’s what it’s supposed to be.

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