About the data economy


Facebook changed its name as a step to improve the bad reputation of this company and its applications, which will work in the future to monopolize more applications to earn more money from selling our information and presenting it to those interested in it, in addition to the large market in the field of advertising, which Mark is working to expand his empire in the fields of There are many and many, all related to the Internet, its applications and services.
Amazon owner Jeff Bezos before him also worked to make an empire in many areas, including the satellite Internet project, which also entered into competition with Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, whose fortune recently jumped 30 billion dollars within one day as a result of ordering 100,000 cars from a car rental company. You can imagine The number and the rhythm in this new world.
Huge money piled up in the hands of certain people, with more than 200 billion for each of them. Billions are all data that does not really exist. In fact, billions are algorithms that inhabit this world, where in the old days we used to calibrate others with “coated fancy” to show that there is nothing real in reality and this is what is achieved.
With the surplus of these funds, they are working to establish new businesses and inflate them in the market as a result of the previous reputation in this market, but with the beginning of the establishment of these businesses they jump with it to the stock market to attract investors money. The fact that its founders are among the rich in history, perhaps not in the world today.
I feel that behind this huge, complex and cumulative economy great calamities will fall into this world because it is an economy that is not based on a tangible and material industry that cannot be dispensed with. One day, a new application comes out that carries new features and style, and attracts millions to it within days, and we all noticed what happened weeks ago when Facebook applications stopped for hours and news and speculation about its end came out.
If the real estate market, in its physical reality, imposed a crisis in 2008, which may soon impose another one coming from China, then the algorithms and data are not more real than them. Tens of billions for a small mistake, a passing malfunction, or counter-propaganda.

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