About the myth of sacrifice for the country


* I do not know where the idea of ​​”sacrifice for the sake of the homeland” came from and took root in our culture! I don’t know why everyone (and the youth in particular) should be the first to make this sacrifice!

* Nation is not built by sacrifices, especially if we are talking about self-sacrifice or the sacrifice of personal interest, but it is built with self-love and hard work in order to achieve the personal interest, because the interest of the homeland is the sum of the interests of all citizens in it.

* This myth, which created a conflict between personal interest and the public interest, is the remnants of the eras of tyranny, whether it was the sultan tyranny based on the idea of ​​the ruler on behalf of God or the modern totalitarian tyranny based on the idea of ​​revolution and historical leadership.

* Then what is the “interest of the nation”?

What is this mysterious slogan that fabricates a gelatinous nation separate from and superior to its citizens. A homeland that has an interest independent of the interest of its members!

Civilized states and societies have transcended this illusory contradiction between the individual and society, for the freedom of society is the sum of the freedoms of its members, and the interest of society is the sum of the individual interests of its citizens. .

* Sacrifice for the sake of the homeland meant for some to sacrifice for the party or for the sheikh or for the leader or sacrifice for the opportunist who only makes his glory on the piles of failed projects of the ignorant victims.

* As for defending the homeland in the military sense, in our time it is not the task of all citizens, but rather the task of a trained elite of military and security personnel who are guaranteed by military laws and intensive training to defend the homeland with the least possible loss of life.

* “Sacrifice” for the sake of the homeland, if we were forced to use this notorious term, would have no meaning unless we meant by it sacrificing our comfort and calm and hard work in order to build ourselves and achieve the best possible gains for ourselves and our families without defrauding or appropriating the interests of others .

* A successful society is a society of successful individuals. I have never heard of a successful society, the majority of whose members were those who sacrificed their lives, their future, or their selves, and turned into huge gatherings of dead, frustrated, unemployed, unsuccessful and lacking ambition.

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