About “Trump” and “Twitter”!


In summation of what I have come out with over the years of my life, I have reached a conviction. The summary of this conviction is that if a person has something worth saying, let him say it, but if he will be intimidated by people’s reaction, he will not know how to say what he likes to say, nor will he know what wears, eats, or drinks.

During my many years of work in international media organizations, most of which are well-established, during which I received countless courses in the art of saying and in the values ​​of the law that encourage respect for the privacy of people, from children, to women, passing through the elderly, and even people of different colors and nationalities.. I understood that if we We will be afraid to tell the truth, we will not be able to speak!

Major international institutions resort to protect their writers and analysts from legal prosecutions before the courts, either to major law firms or to have their own advisory team.. a lot of money has been spent on them, but in the end this is easier than being obligated to pay more compensation.

When Donald Trump came to the White House as the president of the most important country in the world .. a leader known for his blatant right-wing inclinations, he had no way to confront the brutal American media machines with their major networks and press empires that prey on the economy and politics of America and the world, except for his (free account) on Twitter!

It was not thanks to him that he was more genius than (Twitter) or more intelligent than other leaders in various parts of the world, but there were those who advised him to use Twitter at this time in world history to deliver his message more effective than any other means.

As the most important president of the largest country in the world, he made us all follow his tweets on Twitter, and even see what seemed to be indicators of global policy trends.

When Twitter decided to block Trump’s account, the number of his followers increased, and even the researchers on Trump and the Twitter Foundation itself.

I am one of those who did not rule out that Twitter had something to do with Trump, and Trump had some relationship with Twitter, whether by chance or by agreement, but both sides benefited from each other.

If anyone has a different view, please write it down so we can learn!

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