About Yemen in the Time of (No State)


Under all the dictatorships that tyrannized the country, the citizen could cross the country from east to west, from north to south, content with merely displaying his personal card. As for the militias’ hegemony, the card became a sufficient reason for gangsters to point their guns at his chest and shoot him.

This prevents many from returning to Yemen!

Many of my family died and I was not able to console them, and participate in their funerals, and the reason was very simple, and it was my name, my title, even though I was not an employee in the professional sense with any regime, party, or group!

Very lightly, you can be targeted at any checkpoint.. Who is Abdul-Malik (Al-Sanbani), the young immigrant, so that he can be kidnapped, looted and killed? And who is Atef Al-Harazi to be killed at the point of Tur Al-Baha, were it not for his title (Harazi).

Frankly, the Yemenis need a fateful solution that will lead them either to a just equality under one state or to a separation based on consensual interest.

The situation that Yemen is going through is very tragic. The coalition led by Riyadh cannot continue to spend on this absurd war, nor can any (UN) envoy maintain his position to manage the conflict and bring in more humanitarian aid, and the possible alternative is that we witness a war in the south The divided civil war is worse than the war of the past seven years, and in the turbulent north, a tyranny is worse than all that we have witnessed in its history!

Read carefully without spasm or upset!

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