Abu Al-Waqi’ .. Colonel Abdullah Al-Saeedi is a martyr


the father of reality
Colonel Abdullah Al-Saeedi

Commander of the Rapid Intervention Battalion in Serwah
One of the most important and largest arms of Al-Shaddadi from the sons of Hajour, whom he relied on as leaders and assigned them the most difficult tasks..

Abu al-Waqi’ al-Saidi and Ahmad Abu Hadi al-Hajouri were the leaders of the Hajour Brigade, and Abu al-Waqi’ was Abu Hadi’s deputy, and when Abu Hadi entered Haradh with the Brigadier General with al-Hajouri, Abu al-Waqi’ became a commander of the Hajour Brigade in Serwah.. God bless them all..

Abu Al-Waqi’ joined the army for years, he worked as an assistant in the area in Seiyun, and when the Hajour war broke out in 2011, he returned and fought with Hajour, and after Hajour’s victory, Abu Al-Waqi’ returned to Seiyun, and when the war began in Marib, Abu Al-Waqi’ joined the National Army and was one of the brave officers who founded National Army..

Al-Shadadi got to know a fighter of a rare type, giving him a military rank and a leadership position, and he remained one of his most lethal arms, after he was one of those who began training the National Army, and he remained alongside Brigadier General Ahmed Abu Hadi in Serwah.

In a record time, Abu Al-Waqi’ became an icon of heroism, redemption and courage. He was assigned several military tasks. He did not return from any task except with a complete victory. He was respected by his leaders and members, and his name became a legend of redemption.

Personally, I did not know anything about him. Two years ago, Abdel Ghani Shaalan called me.

During my conversation with Abdul-Ghani Shaalan, he told me about the heroism of Abu Al-Waqi’, and this Abu Al-Waqi’ is a science that does not accept accusative or preposition, it is always elevated as its importance..

Abdul Ghani Shaalan said, “I had a mission with me in Serwah, and suddenly the Minister of Defense Muhammad al-Maqdashi called me and told me that Hailan had fallen, and he issued a direct order to me to cancel the mission and go to Hailan. Any progress was made, and in the meantime, I ordered them to stop, and I issued an order to bring Abu Al-Waqi’ with his forces, so a group of special security forces went to the compound and brought Abu Al-Waqi’ah. , I told him the story, and he said, In the name of God, we begin. Abu Al-Waqi’ and his group crawled in the foreground, and behind them was a special security battalion. Within hours, they recovered the lost sites and took some of the Houthi sites. They did not stop until after Abu Al-Waqi’ and his six companions were all wounded.. This was thanks to the experience and knowledge of Abu Al-Waqi’. For three years, he was stationed in Hailan, and when they expelled him and handed over his mission to a group of Dhamar, Hailan fell. is over . That was almost two years ago, and it was accompanied by a huge media frenzy, and Zamil Jamil for legitimacy spread
O puller rumbling over Helan
Stay my army and be a way..

On that day, I asked Shaalan who is the father of reality, and of course these nicknames are a problem. When my brother Saddam fell wounded at the top of the dam, I was following writings about Abu Uday and it did not occur to me that he was my brother Saddam.

The important thing is, Shaalan said, “He is from among you from Bani Sa’id from Hajour.”
I told him what I knew, he said this is one of the heroes of Sarwah, and we were with us in that sack Abdul Khaliq Al Sheikh, Secretary of Abdul Ghani Shaalan, as well as Muhammad Ali Shaalan, the brother of the leader and his companions..

The important thing is, at night I asked Saddam my brother and Yahya my cousin, is he the father of reality? They said: Abdullah Aqrad Al-Saidi is from the village of Al-Bahashneh, and of course we are from another village of Bani Saeed.

Shaalan’s hadith drew me to the man, so I asked about him, heard the stories of his heroism, and knew how important he was to Al-Shadadi, and during seven years in Ma’rib, Abu Al-Waqi’ created for himself a miraculous legend. The most successful field commanders without mentioning the name of Abu Al-Waqi’ah. You cannot open the radio and not hear the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff directing Abu Al-Waqi’, O Abu Al-Waqi’, move, cover such-and-such, O Abu Al-Waqi’, move, restore the hill, such-and-such, O Abu Al-Waqi’, strengthen the group of such..

A few months ago, I met Abu Al-Waqi’ in the office of Amin Al-Hajouri, the director of Hajjah security.
During the interview, Abu Al-Waqi’ opened a thorny file. These are the martyrs of Heylan from my companions. They were not accredited and given military numbers. This is the order of Al-Maqdashi, this is the order of Bin Aziz, this and this..

I promised him that I would write about the subject. He said, “Do not write what works.” He says the National Army is selling its owners, but see if you have someone who can benefit us. I said I will see, but I did not contact him after that..

Abu al-Waqi’ remained for years, one of the legends of Serwah, and when Serwah fell months ago, Abu al-Waqi’ was assigned the most difficult task after the fall. They put him in the throat of al-Houthi, in direct confrontation with the Mongols in front of the village of al-Zour. Abu al-Waqi’ and his group were able to stop al-Houthi’s advance, Hajar was in Throat, and prevented the militia from advancing from Al-Zour to Al-Tala’a Al-Hamra

Yesterday I learned that Abu Al-Waqi’ was martyred in Al-Juba. He was assigned a mission in Al-Juba. He moved with a group of his forces. He fought his last battle like any exceptional knight. Enemies surrounded him from all sides. To fall captive in the hands of his opponents, so he fought until he met God standing as he lived standing..

When I saw the pictures of his corpse taken by the Red Crescent, I said: Whosoever has lived all this heroism should die with such pride.

One of the stories of Abu Reality..
One evening, a member of his battalion, whose name is approximately Hamid Al-Masrahi, who is from the sons of Hajour Kosher, decided to attack the Houthi site opposite him in order to seize weapons and cover the needs of his comrades. Everyone, his leader Abu Al-Waqi’ told him, sit down, my theater, without crazy, but the theatrical insulted them and left, the leader Abu Al-Waqi’ followed him, then a third followed, and after a successful detour to the enemy’s position, they returned with a mod, RPG, and bags of khat, and before they reached their positions, he said To them, the theatrical, this questioner, is all mines.

Here, I leave the space for everyone who knows Abu al-Waqi’, Colonel Abdullah al-Saidi, to talk about him and mention his exploits… I don’t think anyone on the Ma’rib fronts does not know Abu al-Waqi’, who died a martyr silently and quietly. Even the Ministry of Defense did not bother to send a telegram of condolences to the martyr’s family.

May God have mercy on you, cousin, the consolation of our hearts is that you lived as a hero and died as a hero

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