“Abu Ali Al-Hakim’s” intelligence arrests the director of “Al-Mashat’s office” and “the president’s chief”


Informed sources said today, Thursday, that the so-called military intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of the unrecognized Houthi rebel government, led by Abu Ali Al-Hakim, has arrested Houthi leader Ahmed Hamed, appointed by the militia as director of the presidential office, who is described as “the president of the president.”
The sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that the arrest of Ahmed Hamed, nicknamed “Abu Mahfouz”, is due to his accusation of communicating with a British intelligence network.
The sources noted that Hamed is in intelligence prisons.
Hamed owns several subsidiaries that carry out the work of supportive international organizations, including British organizations.
The Saada wing was able to deport one of the ministers of the Sana’a wing, Nabil al-Wazir, and refer him to investigation after a media campaign led by the director of the Al-Mashat office, Ahmed Hamed, after the leaders of the Saada wing accused Nabil al-Wazir of embezzling $2.6 million; In the context of the secret war over gains and spoils between the wings of the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

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